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The solution to building wealth successfully is a complete economic process that we will guide you through.

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Estate Planning

Everyone has an estate, even if it is only a small checking account. Planning for the future is invaluable. This is why having an estate plan is so important.

Estate Planning is the process of taking an individual’s or a business’ current financial situation into consideration, in order to provide for the financial needs of the future and after death. This is an evolving, dynamic process in order to prepare the disposition and allocation of all property, assets, and the like. People from all walks of life must think about the long-term goals for wealth in a careful and responsible manner.

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Many think of retirement as something related to age. The reality of it is that this has little to do with retirement at all. Retirement is merely the time where professional income ceases and other means of income must be substituted, in order to retain a quality standard of living. At this time, Shane & Shane can help you distribute your wealth as accumulation ceases and maintain a high standard of living.

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The great result of quality insurance is peace of mind by transferring the risk you would typically face, over to the insurance companies. Adverse financial and legal consequences arise when a quality insurance policy isn’t in place. Whether it be something inevitable, such as death, or unexpected health challenges – insurance policies are designed to cover the expenses. In addition to traditional insurance coverage, Shane & Shane can help you to cover inheritance tax, design it as an investment instrument, establish annuities recognized by the IRS to grow wealth / defer taxation until you decide and much more!

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Shane & Shane specializes in the counsel needed to properly select, diversify, allocate assets, balance your investments, plan your estate, and plan for business financial stability & growth in order to build wealth in a strategic strategy to maximize returns and help you to weather economic downturns. This is done through ensuring that risk adjustments are accounted for at each stage in a client’s life. We pride ourselves on being able to effectively offer the best financial products, with a sound financial plan, to cover all aspects of an individual’s or business’ financial lifecycle.

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Business Strategies

Rightfully so, many successful businesses are solely focused on innovation, products, and day-to-day operations to grow their business. Therefore, many times a business owner can tell you every intricate detail of their industry and consumers. However, many times lack in knowledge related to financial and legal tools available to them to help their company grow, protect their assets, and preserve the legacy that they have built. This is natural and why allowing financial, legal, and accounting experts the opportunity to provide consult is massively important at every stage of the growth of their business. This process starts during formation, so that the correct entity type is chosen, agreements are formed, valuation is assigned, as well as insurances to save time, money, and effort down the road, if properly executed.

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Supplemental Insurance

Shane & Shane Financial aims to ensure that its clients have all of the coverage that they need to build stability and make certain extra expenses don’t cause financial strain when unexpected events arise. In addition to our other service offerings, please see the supplemental packages that we offer to make reaching your financial goals easier, giving you peace of mind for you and your family.

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Equestrian Clients

Shane & Shane Financial is deeply rooted in the equine community.  We give each one of our clients, including those in the equine community, the special attention that every single one needs and deserves when it comes to building stability in their financial future.

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